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In a world where everyone knows everything, how do we value learning?


32st March 2018

by | Apr 1, 2018 | Business, Opinion

Here’s a thought experiment.

Imagine you had a chip in your head which connected your brain in real time to the internet and allowed you to experience it as part of your consciousness. So if you were asked to recall a fact, your brain could access Wikipedia instantly and get the full content available on that fact. In our thought experiment this would be seamless; you would feel exactly as though you’d always known that fact.

What would a world look like where everyone could do that?

What value would rote learning have in a world where everyone could recall any fact or data instantly?

Now imagine that’s not imaginary. Imagine it’s real. Imagine everyone walking around with a device in their pocket which lets them do exactly that. So ask yourself again: does rote learning and retention of information have value in a world where everyone has all the information they need any time they need it?

You may have experienced this for yourself. Why were you taught to do long division by hand when you can have a calculator on your watch, phone and tablet any time you need it? Why did you have to learn all those formulae and equations when Wolfram will do them all perfectly for you at a moment’s notice?

That world is your world, no matter what you are told.

So what is valuable in such a world?

What’s valuable is not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know.

It’s how you filter, stack, arrange, compare, synthesize and blend information to create new things with value. It’s how you surprise and delight the minds around you, make their lives better or richer, or how you provoke and challenge them.

Now imagine a world in which the unique qualities of your thinking; your humour, your wit, your insight and your compassion, not your ability to do the same tasks as someone else slightly more accurately and quickly, was what earned you recognition and moved the world forwards?

Imagine that.

by | Apr 1, 2018 | Business, Opinion

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