Poppyscotland / Royal Botanics

Digital Video :: 2013
Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects
Shot on location at Royal Botanics Edinburgh

Britain’s war veterans are¬†too often the invisible victims of war. Carrying deep psychological scars, they suffer in silence as they try to rejoin a society which can’t understand the nature of their injuries.



Usually white, male and in perfect physical health, they often show no external sign of their pain. They haven’t lost limbs or eyes, they no longer wear the uniform and their medals are tucked away in drawers and cupboards. But they carry¬†devastating psychological injuries; the stress of combat and war has cost them heir peace of mind, their ability to work and a job they deeply loved.

Poppyscotland works with these veterans to help them find work that can bring structure and meaning back to broken lives. One of the organisations they work with is the Royal Botanic gardens in Edinburgh, who provide employment opportunities for veretans whose capabilities vary widely.

We were asked to create a publicity campaign to raise awareness of this effort and to encourage other organisations to get involved. After a lot of talking and thinking, we decided to let the veterans speak for themselves. And they did; simply and without holding back. The result wold move a stone to tears.




This job broke my heart. The men I met wrestle every day with agonising problems which are not of their own making. They’re marginalised and all too often ignored, and it was a privilege to give them a voice.

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