Don't get off your phone.

Get off your phone. Do something productive. You’re wasting your time, you’re a phone junkie. Or maybe not...


32st March 2018

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Why do we regard sharing, playing, laughing and exploring as wasted time? Aren’t fun, generosity, love and play the best things about us?

One of the simplest and most common mistakes I see businesses make is to think of what they do for their customers as a boring and time consuming alternative to more interesting and diverting things.

This is a problem because it reveals the company’s view of itself and its offering: we’re boring. Our customers don’t see us as worthwhile and interesting, they see us as necessary but dull and there are things they’d rather be doing.

There is less and less space in customers’ lives for boring and irritating things. A smart phone is a window to a kaleidoscopic universe of colour, light and excitement where they play and share with the entire human race. No wonder they have so little patience with boring businesses.

So the business can accept its place as a necessary evil or it can take a diffeerent path:

Don’t be a disruptor.

Don’t be design centric.

Just be interesting.

Don’t ask people to put their smartphones down for you. Make your business something worth picking up a smartphone for. Make it funny, sexy, cool, thought provoking, charismatic and satisfying. Be one of the things they’re interested in, not a diversion from them.

You know how to do that, right?

by | Apr 23, 2018 | Business, Change, Ethics, Opinion, Uncategorised

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