Black Arts is a digital content studio with offices in Edinburgh and clients all over the world.
We create big, small, clever, simple, beautiful things for some of the most interesting brands we know.

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Everyone has a web site.

Everyone has a Facebook page.

You’ve got a web site.

You’ve got a Facebook page.

How do you make sure yours is different to the others? How do you make sure your message is the clearest and your offering is the most compelling in a digital world where we all have the same communication tools?

If your idea matters, getting it across the right way matters.

People will want to listen to you. So say it with great content. Say it with video. Say it with photography. Say it with animation, illustration and beautiful design. Make it funny, clever, engaging and cool.

Don’t focus on the web site, the Facebook page or the Twitter account. Those are just the places you speak. Focus on what you need to say and who you want to say it to – create a conversation you want to be a part of.

We can help you. You’ve got the idea, we can help you turn it into amazing content.

Ask us how.

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