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Black Arts is a digital content studio with offices in Edinburgh and clients all over the world. We create big, small, clever, simple, beautiful things for some of the most interesting brands we know.

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We’re a content and brand consultancy, working with all kinds of people in all kinds of places.

These days every brand has a web site, an app, a social presence. What sets the great ones apart from the ones no one will read? Great brands have great content. They have great things to say about themselves and about the world we all live in; things people want to know and want to share. We help brands and people think about what they want to say and who they want to say it to.

We help them create honest, candid and compelling messages in graphic design, photography, copy writing, video, animation and illustration. If you’re ready to attract the kind of attention you really want from people you really like, get in touch. We’d love to talk.